About Sensei Jonathan Aronson

Sensei (Teacher) – Jonathan Aronson Sensei a 3rd degree black belt (san-dan), fuko-shidoin (certified insrtructor) in the United States Aikido Federation (USAF). The USAF is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading and maintaining the Japanese martial art of Aikido as created and maintained by it’s founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

Sensei-Aronson’s own Sensei, Irving Faust Shihan (7th degree black belt), has been teaching traditional Aikido for over 35 years in the Capital District. Faust Shihan will oversee testing of Saratoga Aikido students who meet the USAF requirements. Saratoga Aikido will also have other select Sensei’s in the Capital Region and New England teach and conduct seminars at the dojo from time to time.

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Saratoga Martial Arts Studio

Sensei Jonathan Aronson, Saratoga Aikido

Irvin Faust - Aikido

Shihan Sensei Irvin Faust, Albany Aikido