Saratoga Aikido Approach

I approach all of my classes in a very spiritual way, as I was taught by the founder Morihei Ueshiba Sensei. The focus being internal, not external. The classes will teach students to practice techniques using inner strength (KI) instead of outer strength (muscle and might). Aikido is made up from three words connected as one;

AI (balance-body control)
KI (positive energy)
DO (positive thought-action)

Put together Aikido’s philosophy of action is a truly revolutionary approach to self-defense and solving complex problems in life. Students learn how to react differently when confronted by danger or aggression. They practice facing danger and moving toward it (Irimi – 入り身 – Japanese for the word entering, not away from it). At the moment of conflict, a choice can be made to resolve the conflict peacefully and not in an aggressive way. To practice the art of Aikido is to tap into the rhythms (physics) of the universe and to learn to flow with energy (good or bad) instead of fighting it. Spirituality at it’s finest!