Aikido Sponsorship Program for Businesses and Organizations

About Our Program

Thank you for taking an interest in our Aikido Sponsorship Program. Aikido is a non-violent martial art, safe for all ages. Aikido teaches peaceful conflict resolution, improves focus, and is a healthy exercise, without feeling like a dull workout.

As a member of our sponsorship program, you can offer Aikido to your employees for free. This is a great option to balance workdays that have a lot of sitting, or to act as a pressure relieve valve in high-stress environments.

As a martial art of self-defense, it is also a useful skill in environments where physical confrontation is a possibility, and there is a strong desire not to cause injury to the attacker or defender. Aikido, at it’s core, is tailored to diffuse confrontation, not injure.

Just some of the benefits to your business:

  • Add to your employee benefits, proudly promote free Aikido classes to all employees.
  • Improve the mental and physical health of your employees, with a safe, non-violent martial art.
  • Improve workplace relationships. Provide employees an opportunity to bond outside the workplace.
  • Offer a positive environment for relieving stress.

Pick Your Plan

Our Aikido Sponsorship program is available as a monthly plan. We offer an individual plan, which offers free Aikido to all employees, and a family plan, which includes employees spouses and children:


  • All Full Time Employees Qualify
  • Free Aikido Classes Up To 3 Days a Week
  • Free On-Site Introduction from Sensei Jonathan Aronson

Family Plan

  • All Full Time Employees + Spouses and Children Qualify.
  • Free Aikido Classes Up To 3 Days a Week
  • Free On-Site Introduction from Sensei Jonathan Aronson

How it Works

  1. Arrange a free consultation to learn how our program will fit with your business. Decide to pay annually for a discount, or month to month on a trial basis.
  2. We arrange a free on-site presentation with employees, to briefly explain Aikido and to answer any questions.
  3. Interested employees can register at introduction, or can register at Saratoga Aikido. Proof of full-time employment at participating business/organization is required. For family plan, employee may accompany spouse or children to register separately. Employees, spouses, and children are responsible for their own gi (martial arts uniform).
  4. Employees visit our dojo for any open class posted on our class schedule, up to 3 days a week. For our family plan, spouses and children may visit up to 3 days a week as well.

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