Aikido Class Information

Class Hours:

Kids Classes: ages 4-12 yrs old

  •  Wednesday & Thursday: 5:00pm – 5:45pm.

Adult Classes: beginner and advanced

  • Tuesday & Thursday: 6:00pm – 7:00pm.
  • Thursday & Friday: 10:00am – 11:00am

Weapon’s Class/Meditation warm-up

  • Wednesday: 12- 1pm

Alternative Needs Class- Saturday’s: 10:30-11:30am

Please contact Jonathan Aronson Sensei to schedule alternative needs classes or book a class directly on MINDBODY app.

Private Lessons:

Are available upon request during the day hours, 8:00am – 4:00pm


  • Adults: $100/month. unlimited
  • Kids: $80/month. unlimited
  • Seniors: $65/month. unlimited
  • Special needs class: $120/month. unlimited
  • Private Lessons: $80 per hour/ $40 half hour


Class info:

Adults class

Open Class: Teaching adults traditional Japanese Aikido open hand self-defensive techniques and weapon training as created and passed down by the founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba Sensei. These classes will focus on the basic fundamentals of Aikido. Meisou – Meditation, Ukemi -falling and rolling, Tai-Sabaki -foot movement; and Tai-Jitsu – open hand techniques.

Alternative needs classes

Teaching alternative needs class for Adults and children with Autism, MS, CP, PTSD, Veterans with disabilities. These classes will specialize in teaching children or adults healthy family dynamics, conflict resolution, stress management, anger management and team building skills. All great skills that can be used to help overcome fear and find a peaceful resolution to any conflict.

Please contact Sensei Jonny Aronson to schedule alternative needs classes

Kids Class

Kids classes will be structured around basic Aikido principles; including rolling and falling exercises (Ukemi). Movement exercises (Tai-Sabaki), and basic open hand techniques appropriate for children. In addition, the children will learn character building skills. These classes will teach them how to act in a way that promotes respect, self-discipline and self-confidence—skills they will need to master in order to be successful in their lives as children and later as adults.

I’ve tailored a creative curriculum for the kids classes over my last 10 years teaching Aikido. For example; an exercise called “Dragon” is one of my own creations. Dragon teaches students to work as one unit focusing on each other and not just themselves. I add challenging obstacles and varied attacks. Throughout the exercise, the group (Dragon) is allowed to run freely together as one on the mat. The first child in line is the head of the dragon and the last the tail. This exercise encourages children to work on many important life skills, all the while having fun and running around.

Children will also learn to work well in small groups, find balance within a small group of peers, cooperate with partners; develop quick decision-making skills and increase overall awareness. All of these skills are key elements in living healthy and being successful outside the Aikido dojo. Children who study Aikido will be able to apply their skills to social situations within their lives be it sports, education (dealing with stressful situations, such as tests, bullies and peer pressure) or within the family dynamic.